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Meditating Face of Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:WM10086

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Golden Lotus Buddha Golden Pagodas Religious Wallpaper

Product ID:KK30035

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Ancient Sculplture with Pagodas in Buddha Wallpaper for Walls

Product ID:KK30057

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Floating Buddha with Sunset in Buddha Wallpapere for Walls

Product ID:KK30056

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Meditative Environment Zen Wallpaper for Walls

Product ID:WP30055

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Stone Carved Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:WM10084

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Buddhist Temple Bells Wall Covering

Product ID:WP30509

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Spiritual Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:WM10083

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Elelgant Golden Buddha Wall Mural from Thailand

Product ID:WP30512

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Grand Stone Buddha Wall Mural

Product ID:WP30513

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Enlightened Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:WM10085

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Buddha with Bright Floral Background in Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:KK30055

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Smiling Buddha Face in Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:KK30050

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Buddha Face Sculpture with Dramatic Sky in Buddha Wallpaper

Product ID:KK30051

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Transform Spaces with Wallpapers of your Choice

Maintaining sanctity at home is an essential element to keep surroundings of the premises calm and positive. At Walls and Murals, we cater to every such thought and offer our customers the best of the ideas and solutions concerning their home or office décor. With Buddha wallpaper for home, you can surely transform your homes into divine spaces full of positive energy. The very presence of Buddha or for that matter Christ can eliminate all the negative energy from the house, bringing in positivity. Amongst a variety of styles that are available at the online store, the ones that may interest you for enhancing your home walls include sleeping Buddha wall mural, stone carved Buddha or spiritual Buddha wallpaper etc. 

We believe our customers are our prime reason to work towards modern yet simple home décor solutions. Therefore, every product of ours is created revolving around similar thought. Whether you want to install Gautam Buddha wallpaper or Christ wall mural in your living room or bedroom, the idea is to imbibe positive vibrations to the ambiance of the place all day long. Spirituality plays a pivotal role in the lives of many, therefore, our efforts to offer you with some of the finest wall décor solutions like the Buddha wallpapers or Zen wallpaper for homes and offices will help you to cater to your spiritual needs.