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Textured Wallpaper Leaves in Frost Wall Decor

Product ID:WP30729

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Grungy White Weathered Texture Wallpaper

Product ID:WP30086

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Textured Wallpaper Rainbow Streaks Wall Decor

Product ID:WP30862

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Brick Textured Wallpaper White on White Wall Decor

Product ID:WP30934

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Textured Wallpaper Floral Medley Wall Mural

Product ID:WP30861

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Steam Beach Planks Wooden Textured Wallpaper

Product ID:WG20604

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Textured Stone Wallpaper Crazy Pattern Wall Decor

Product ID:WP30732

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Wicker Weaves Pattern Custom Wallpaper

Product ID:SP2176WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Leather Squares Texture Wallpaper Pattern

Product ID:SP2103WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Textured Wallpaper Pink Streaks Wall Decor

Product ID:WP30864

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Green Grass Texture Wallpaper Pattern

Product ID:SP2104WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Wicker Braids Pattern Custom Wallpaper

Product ID:SP2177WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Jute Braids Pattern Custom Wallpaper

Product ID:SP2178WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Steel Grid Pattern Custom Wallpaper

Product ID:SP2180WM

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Make your Walls Talk

Have you ever thought of making your indoors lavish without investing much on it? Well, you now can do so without much of a hassle. How? At Walls and Murals, we have it all. Dealing with the sale and manufacture of all kinds of wallpapers, we offer our customers bespoke wallpaper solutions that they could ever ask for. Amongst a wide range of them available on our portal, we also specialize in the custom and 3D wallpaper solutions that will simply mesmerize you for a few moments, while catering to the smallest of your requirements.

Try Out Textured Prints for a Livelier Feel

When choosing wallpapers, what is that one thing that you would want to be there at the time of installation? Is it the look and feel or simply the color theme of the wallpaper? Even if it is all these factors, don’t worry as we offer our clients with some of the best-textured wallpapers and color themes, which will transform your rooms from the usual boring looking to something more appropriate and funky.

When we say textured, we purely mean to offer you the best texturesthat range from wooden feel, weathered textures, brick textures to stone and various types of weaved textures that look awesome on the wall of all kinds. Walls and Murals work with a view to providing customers amazing wallpaper solutions so that they can make their indoors look beautiful and gorgeous like never before.

Also, explore our wide of custom wallpapers that may suit your requirements and keep your house and office facility up to the mark. All you need to do is choose your wallpaper and order online, and leave the rest to us. We would ensure your experience right from ordering to delivering process is as smooth as ever.