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Our Installations

Walls and Murals provides an exclusive collection of wallpapers, wall decals and murals for wall decorations. We have been delivering our top quality products to interior designers, home decorators, and have decorated many homes, hotels, offices, restaurants and playschools. Our wallpapers will help you to get the look you want. If you don’t find the wallpaper of your choice, upload your own design, we will create custom wallpapers for you.

See how our wallpapers, murals and wall decals installed in Kitchen, Lobby, Living Room, Bedroom, Restaurants and Workplaces entirely change the look and feel of the space it covers.

So what are you waiting for…Refresh Your Walls!


Modern Wallpaper Maker


Kids wallpaper

Kids Room

Create your own wallpaper


Custom wallpaper for offices


Kitchen wallpaper


Photo wallpaper murals


Textured wallpaper maker