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Walls and Murals wallpaper comes with easy installation instructions. When you receive your wallpaper, it is accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet on sequence of panels, positioning and alignment. Follow the instructions carefully and you will achieve a super-neat installation.



Follow 5-Easy Steps and Set Your Wall Ready for installation

  1. Remove old wall coverings and flaking paint, if any from the wall.
  2. Repair all defects from the surface of the wall, such as nail holes, chip offs, dent, cracks, etc. Fill holes and cracks with patching plaster and make the surface smooth using sandpaper, if required.
  3. Remove picture hooks, light fixtures, plates etc. from the wall
  4. Make the surface smooth and dry, and clean with a damp cloth. Using mild detergent remove any greasy or oily patches.
  5. Finally, if required apply two coats of primer or paint to clean up the surface of wall.

 Your wall is now ready for installation of wallpaper.



Walls and Murals offer wallpaper in 3 different materials :

  1. PVC Free Enviro Wallpaper (Environment Friendly Paper) Matt Finish – It is dry gummed eco-friendly paper and requires just water to wet the glue and paste. It is the easiest product to install and remove, is environment friendly and most popular with our customers.
  2. Non-Tearable Stickon Matt Vinyl (Peel and Stick) – Just peel the back protective layer and paste.
  3. Brush Strokes Textured Non-Tearable Wallpaper – Requires wallpaper glue to be pasted.




Before beginning installation, kindly spread the wallpaper on floor with print side up and confirm that the product size and design are as ordered. Also read the installation instructions carefully as each panel in numbered and has alignment marks for you to follow.

Once you have checked the product, read the instructions and the wall is ready for installation – begin installation.

Step 1 : Once you have the wall ready, establish a plumb line, which is a straight vertical line, make registration marks with a pencil on the wall area you want to cover, draw a vertical line for panel 1 to install the paper in a straight alignment. It is very important to get the vertical line straight as the entire installation will follow this line.

Step 2 :  Roll the wallpaper loosely with the printed side facing in.

Step 3 : Dip the rolled print in water for approx. 10 seconds. (Only in Case of PVC Free Enviro Wallpaper (Environment Friendly Paper) Matt Finish), You can use a trough to dip the paper. In case trough is not available to dip the rolled print, lay the wallpaper face down and apply water liberally to adhesive side with a spray bottle, allow to sit for 1 minute before applying to wall.

In case of Non-Tearable Stickon Matt Vinyl (Peel and Stick) you move directly to step 4

In case of Brush Strokes Textured Non-Tearable Wallpaper you have to apply the wallpaper glue on the backside of the printed surface to begin pasting on the wall.

Step 4 : Apply the print on the wall, by aligning it to the desired position, marked earlier.

Step 5 : Smooth out the wallpaper using a sponge. All bubbles and ripples should be leveled in the process. Don't worry about the smaller bubbles. These will evaporate as the print dries up.

Step 6 : Remove excess water using a sponge and leave the print to dry for 15-30 minutes.

Step 7 : Carefully trim excess material along the corners using a sharp blade.

See the installation video to understand the process.