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custom wallpaper for office, Custom wallpaper for home
Hand Painted Vintage Egyptian Wallpaper for Walls
custom wallpaper for office, Custom wallpaper for home
Space wallpaper, damask wallpaper, floral wallpaper
Custom wallpaper, modern wallpaper, wallpaper for walls

Product Description

This Vintage Egyptian Wallpaper illustrates the traditional movement of Early Egypt travelling on sea shore by their primary transportation – Camel, thus were known as the ancient ship of the desert. Since, camels are mild mannered animal and prefer to be united in a group, so it spreads the rejoining, dependable and warm emotions in a realistic way to your place.

The soft and smooth color transitions in this Custom Wallpaper represent the freshness of the environment in the surroundings. These Shade of Brown color relates to a comfortable home, physical simplicity and quality. This is a sensible color which implies common sense and also hides the dirt. This color combination can be applicable to both either dark or light, most suitable shades of Brown.

This Vintage Wallpaper is perfect Landscape with a beautiful horizon, which delivers a wide perception and outlook for the broadening of the range of experience in your life. Therefore, this Custom Wall Mural is much suitable for your living area or Bedroom.

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Product Id : WM10147
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