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3D Wallpaper

Exclusive collection of Custom Wallpaper and Wall Murals
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Geometric Blocks in Space Wallpaper

Product ID:WG20349

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

The Corridor, 3D Wallpaper For Walls

Product ID:WP31189

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

3D Wallpaper For Walls with Abstract Motif White Wallpaper

Product ID:WG20622

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

3d Motif White Wallpaper

Product ID:WG20423

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Abstract Music Theme 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WG20314

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Golden Blocks 3D Wallpaper for Walls

Product ID:WP30044

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

3D Wallpaper For Walls Overlapping Circles Geometric Pattern

Product ID:WG20513

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Red Metallic Scales, 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WP31195

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Metallic Scales Black And White 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WP31199

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Heaxagonal 3D Mesh Wallpaper For Walls

Product ID:WP31197

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Metallic Mesh 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WP31196

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Infinite White Pillars 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WP31201

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Metal Dome, 3D Wallpaper For Walls

Product ID:WP31193

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

White Waves Façade 3D Wallpaper

Product ID:WP31200

$ 4.60 SQ. FT.

Custom 3D Wallpapers – Talk of the Town!

A stylish yet elegant looking home is everyone’s desire. However, the foremost thing that gives a home a complete definition and depth are walls. At Walls and Murals, we understand the smallest of the concern you face while deciding for the right interiors for your home. Thus, we bring to you some of the most unique and exclusive wall décor options in customized wallpapers that are not just easy to install but are extremely budget friendly. Our range of customized 3d wallpaper for walls is all that you could ask for your lifeless looking interiors.

Ranging from an array of patterns and textures that are offered at the store, some of the popular ones picked by our clients include spirals, grids, and 3d floral patterns to name just a few of them. These look mesmerizing to give a 3d illusion while making a vacant space look phenomenal. Get rid of the boring looking walls and give your corridors, living room or probably your own bedroom a makeover with our unique custom 3d wallpaper for home and offices, a solution that is worth investing in.